Time flies when your going CRAZY!

WOW. It has been the craziest, busiest time of my life! –Except for maybe last August when I was 8 months pregnant, working full-time, buying and renovating the house, and moving all at once– August must just be the typical month of “busy” for me! Here is a photo of me from August 2011 (Yes, I was the largest pregnant woman in the history of mankind. And NO, I was not carrying multiples…that was just my 9 lb 2 oz baby Chloe in there):


Our house one month before Chloe arrives:


So here crazy August is again. Max is doing a 5 hour hike with some friends today, and I really wish I could have gone with them….but there is way too much to catch up on.

I have been to at least 3 family parties this month, and there are even more parties scheduled on my calender that are coming up. Aside from just attending different parties, I am currently planning 2 huge parties of my own that will be here before I know it! Max has been home as well and I’ve been trying to spend time with him before he gets busy with work again. Also, I am helping my two lovely friends plan their gorgeous weddings that are both before the end of this year. I’m also trying to stay on my strict Insanity/Gym exercise routine everyday…and I desperately want to stay caught up with my blog…and then there is a cute baby girl I chase around every 5 minutes…

*Breather break*


I have exactly 11 days to finish planning Chloe’s elaborate first birthday party. Little by little I have been plugging away at all the little details, and I have been making MASSIVE lists so that I don’t forget anything. Last night I ordered an 11×14 canvas of her to have at the party. This is the picture I chose–which I love! She is TOO cute!

Chloe’s birthday party is going to be the biggest party we have held at our house…so in order to give people more space in our little cape (especially if it rains), I have been trying to completely organize and furnish our spare bedroom downstairs. We are turning it into an office/lounge room. Here is the current state of the room:

I have been searching Craigslist for furniture. We found a desk which Max picked up on Sunday! I am in the process of sanding it down and painting it white.

Hopefully, I will finish this desk today.

Now, I am just looking for some nice couches and a patio set for our deck.

Alright… I’m off to get some of this stuff done!

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