Is Cool Whip Dairy-Free?

Is there any milk or dairy content in Cool Whip, or is it a dairy-free dessert topping?

Some may assume that its light and fluffy texture means it’s dairy-free. But it contains milk ingredients, including casein and milk proteins & is not considered a dairy-free product.

not considered a dairy-free product.

What Is Cool Whip?

Cool Whip is a whipped cream substitute commonly used as a dessert garnish or filling. It can be used as a topping for cakes, pies, fruit salads, and layered desserts or as a base for dips, spreads, and other recipes.

Cool Whip is a convenience product that can be stored in the freezer and used as needed. It is the kind of topping that makes your desserts feel fancy.

What Is Cool Whip Made Of?

Cool Whip is made of the following primary ingredients:

  • Water
  • Hydrogenated vegetable oil
  • High fructose corn syrup
  • Corn syrup
  • Skim milk
  • Light cream
  • Sodium caseinate (a milk protein)
  • Natural and artificial flavor
  • Xanthan and guar gums (stabilizers)
  • Polysorbate 60 (an emulsifier)
  • Sorbitan monostearate (an emulsifier)
  • Beta carotene (a coloring agent)

Is There A Non-Dairy Substitute For Cool Whip?

Certainly! Here are some non-dairy substitutes for Cool Whip:

Soy-Based Whipped Toppings: Soy-based whipped toppings are made from soy milk and can be used as a substitute for traditional whipped cream. Some popular brands include Soyatoo and MimicCreme.

Coconut Whipped Cream: This non-dairy whipped topping is made from cream that rises to the top of a can of coconut milk. It can be whipped just like regular whipped cream and used as a substitute for Cool Whip.

whipped cream and used as a substitute for Cool Whip.

Rice Whipped Cream: Rice whipped cream is a non-dairy alternative made from rice milk. It can be used like traditional whipped cream and is an excellent substitute for Cool Whip.

Nut-Based Whipped Cream: Nut-based whipped toppings are made from almond, cashew, or other nut milk. They can be a delicious and nutritious alternative to traditional whipped cream and can be used as a substitute for Cool Whip.

It’s important to note that different non-dairy substitutes may have slightly different textures and flavors than Cool Whip, so it’s best to experiment with other options to find the one that works best for your needs.

What’s The Difference Between Cool Whip & Whipped Cream?

Cool Whip and whipped cream are popular toppings for desserts and other sweet treats.

Whipped cream has more saturated fat compared to Cool Whip. However, Cool Whip does contain more sugar than whipped cream.

Whipped cream is typically used as a topping for desserts such as pies and hot chocolate. In comparison, cool Whip is used in sweat treats, toppings, and recipes for no-bake desserts.

Is Cool Whip Vegan?

Cool Whip contains a milk derivative, sodium caseinate, making it not vegan. Vegan means people do not consume animal-derived foods like meat, butter, or eggs. So, cool Whip is not vegan because it contains dairy ingredients derived from animal milk.

dairy ingredients derived from animal milk.

Is Cool Whip Gluten-Free?

Yes, Cool Whip is gluten-free. The ingredients in Cool Whip, including the stabilizers and emulsifiers, do not contain gluten in them.

If you have a gluten and dairy intolerance or allergy, you must avoid Cool Whip and choose a non-dairy whipped topping that is also gluten-free.

Final Words

Cool Whip is not dairy-free and contains a milk protein, which may concern those who are lactose intolerant or avoid dairy for any other reason. By choosing a non-dairy whipped topping, you can enjoy your favorite desserts without worrying about unwanted lactose or milk proteins.

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