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Nothing is more blissful than having a beautiful home with a loving husband and cute kids trotting around. My name is Eva Baker, and I love baking, cooking, and homemaking.

I love to explore new recipes, help people following a particular diet type, and share tips to fill their dinner table with tasty foods.

I created my blog,, to help people live better lives. It focuses on cooking recipes, diet types (particularly dairy-free), common kitchen appliances to make your life easy, storage techniques, and every other thing about cooking and the kitchen.

Many people are lactose intolerant. Hence, my primary focus is to help such people live healthily by guiding them in selecting a dairy-free diet. I regularly discuss recipes and food types and explain how to make your favorite foods dairy-free.

I love photography, arranging parties, traveling, and spending time outdoors. I love cooking, eating, and improving others’ lives by sharing my knowledge.

I have worked tirelessly in the last 6-7 years to develop my blog. Today, I have a large audience that loves to hear from me. I can help you reach this audience if you are passionate about food. Contact me [email protected] to discuss ways in which we can collaborate.

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