Welcome to my blog, Baker Homemaker!

My name is Eva Baker. I am 23 years old and I am married to Max, the most amazing husband in the world. We have been married for almost 4 years, and last year, our beautiful baby girl named Chloe was born. She is God’s greatest blessing to us and we look forward to having a few more “blessings” in the future.
LOVE ♥ Love ♥ LOVE being a homemaker. It is my childhood dream come true. There are plenty of day-to-day challenges (sometimes I mentally go insane…haha) but I know there is no job that could possibly be more rewarding.

I am a Family girl. I am extremely close to both my immediate family and my in-laws. We are a tight-knit family.

I love to Bake and Cook. I love trying new recipes and experimenting with my own, until I find the absolute best combination of ingredients! I’ve always been playing around in the kitchen since I was in kindergarten, and I owe it to my mom for teaching me the foundation of baking and cooking!

I’m an absolute Neat Freak. I love to reorganize, decorate, clean and clean. I’m trying to learn to be more laid back in this area. There are definitely more important things in life than a perfect looking house. I’m getting there….sort of. I have fun with it though… You could say that keeping the house looking nice is my hobby?

I have my associates degree in art. Photography is my favorite avenue of art. I’m still learning a lot about how to be a better photographer, but it is an exciting process! I enjoy every minute a camera is in my hands! I shoot with a Canon 7D.

I love planning, organizing and hosting Parties! Everything about parties is so fun! The decorations, the food, the music, the socializing.

The Outdoors is my favorite place to be. Mountains, Ocean, Lake….take me there.

One of my ongoing battles in life is my love of food. However, after years and years of yo-yo dieting, I feel I have come to a turning point. A point where instead of being on a “diet” (that is bound to fail), I am now on a journey of developing a healthier lifestyle. A lifestyle where it’s ok to have a dessert once in a while. A lifestyle of eating the foods I like, just eating them in moderation, along with lots more healthy alternatives. A lifestyle where exercise is incorporated into my day. The process of developing a healthy lifestyle is difficult, but like motherhood, the rewards outweigh the difficulties by far ♥

Thank you for looking at my blog! I hope you enjoy reading Baker Homemaker.