Last August, my husband and I bought our first home! It was a long, dragged out process due to the house being a foreclosed home, and there were a few times we thought we may not get it. However, in the end, the little yellow cape was signed over to our names, and just in time before little baby Chloe arrived!

House Stats
Year: 2001
Sq. Footage: 1300
Bedrooms: 3
Full Baths: 2

Before Pictures:
The home was trashed. Holes in walls. Smelly, filthy carpets. The house was a sad sight. Max and I were able to see beyond the damage though. We knew the house had much potential! We completely renovated the entire house.

Renovation Process:

After Pictures:

What's Left:
  • ► I still have to take pictures of the bedrooms.
  • ► I'm STILL working on Chloe's nursery.
  • ► We haven't renovated the upstairs bathroom yet. 
  • ► Our downstairs bedroom is pretty much storage and looks really boring and messy right now:
  • ► I'm still decorating the house (this is the fun part!) 
  • ► We need to reconstruct the whole back yard. This is going to be quite costly so we are waiting a little while to do this. (Its a jungle back there!)
 I will post pictures when house projects are completed. Its a slow but fun process!


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  3. Thanks for sharing these pictures! I just bought a house as well and I am planning on making some restorations to it, but it has an old fashioned look that I want to preserve. I purchased an antique clock to go in the living room of the house. I am going to be getting new materials that match those of the current house.


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