Thursday, January 31, 2013

I'm Pregnant!! And back from Savannah

First things First...I know its been a while since I've posted but my perfect excuse is because...


...And the past couple months I've been mostly lying on the couch feeling dead tired with lots of nausea. I'm just finally starting to come out of it I think!

Right now I'm about 12 weeks prego with our little baby Baker #2. Here is the little darling at 9 1/2 weeks:

Doesn't he/she look like a little teddy bear? It was so amazing seeing our little baby moving around inside of me. I'm already so in love...

A couple days ago, we got back from a week's stay in Savannah, Georgia! Max, his Dad, and Josiah had to wash and restore 9 monuments for the City of Savannah, so Chloe and I had the pleasure of going with them, along with my mom and Josiah's family!

I've never been to a city quite like Savannah. The city is so beautiful and everyone is very friendly....even the thieves and beggars were polite (yes... Someone almost stole the company camera, but once caught by Max, he apologized about 10 times). Also the weather was perfect! Certainly a nice retreat from the harsh winter weather we are used to in January. The nice fresh air really helped with the pregnancy nausea.

Here's Chloe enjoying a park in Savannah:

Huge, gorgeous trees with draping Spanish Moss fill the City and hover over the streets creating mysterious and mythical tunnels.

In the second photo, I'm trying to help Chloe touch the moss:

 I have so many pictures from the trip! We got to explore the whole historic district in Savannah, we went to Tybee Island, and to Fort Pulaski. Jill and her 3 month old, Bailey, my mom, Chloe and I did lots of walking and exploring while the guys were at work. Here is just a bunch of photos from the trip:


  1. Omgsh!! Congrats. God bless your little one:) and cute photographs.


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