Monday, October 8, 2012

Getting Back on Track

It seems like forever since I've written about how I've been doing with eating right and exercising.

This summer, I was actively devoted to living a healthy lifestyle. I consistently blogged about my progress through that journey, and inadvertently my blog readers held me accountable each time I posted. I think I was able to encourage them, and I know they encouraged me, giving me strength to continue what I had started. Thus, it was so easy to blog about goals I accomplished and hurdles I overcame.

On the's more difficult and embarrassing to blog about failures. I need to be honest though and can't pretend that living a healthy lifestyle is always just a bubbling joy. The past month my exercising has been slim to none, and my eating habits have been whorish boorish (accidentally put whorish instead of boorish...haha).  Truth is: we are all human and mistakes are bound to happen.

I'm not really sure how I got so off-track. Sometime just before Chloe's birthday party, I think I just got so busy and exhausted, not to mention my hormones have kicked back into high gear (welcome back, Aunt Flo!). Whatever it was, I ran to food through my anxiety instead of turning my anxiety over to God. It is frustrating to feel like I've backtracked, but I'm not going to let one month keep me from being healthy for the rest of my life. This moment, right now, is all that matters.

I'm 3 days back into eating right again so I think it's safe to say I'm finally back on track. I'm hoping that me stumbling onto the beaten path for a couple weeks will actually be just as encouraging to people as when I was following my healthy plan to the T. Nobody is perfect and fall-outs will take place (even month long fall-outs). I'm just trying to stay positive and do the best I can today. The days of past are gone and there is nothing I can do about it now.
Philippians 3:13–14
Brothers, I do not consider that I have made it my own. But one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead, I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.
Before I end this, I need to share another quick verse that my mom shared with me:
John 6:34-36
And Jesus said to them, “I am the bread of life. He who comes to Me shall never hunger, and he who believes in Me shall never thirst.”
When I'm feeling anxiety or stress, I can't run to food for comfort which leaves me ultimately sick and unhappy. I need to run to Jesus, who is my "Bread" of life! I never thought about that verse in this context before but it was so helpful. Jesus is the "food" I need to comfort me during my weak moments.

This is a picture from my deck this morning. It's not too great of picture but it still represents a morning where I felt so much of God's peace surrounding me. As the sun rose through the mist and the trees, God seemed to be illustrating his love and forgiveness by saying "It's a new day, move forward with Me!"

I hope you all have a fantastic Columbus day! Move forward with God by your side. You'll never regret it!

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