Monday, September 10, 2012

Sarah's Bridal Shower

What a busy past couple weeks! I went from planning Chloe's first birthday party to quickly switching gears to plan my amazing friend, Sarah's, bridal shower. Her shower was only one week after Chloe's party so things got a little stressful and hectic around here, but overall I greatly enjoyed putting everything together! I'm so thankful for the help I got from my friends and family with it as well; I couldn't have done it all without them!

Sarah's shower was yellow & burlap "country" themed:

I think the bridal shower was a success, and I'm so glad Sarah enjoyed it! She got some great gifts!

The only downfall (literally) of the shower for me was deciding to wear stupid 4-inch heals. When I went up to announce the Bingo game, I completely tripped and stumbled--thankfully right into a chair instead of smashing to the was SOOO embarrassing. Oh well, at least everyone had a good laugh!

 Anyway, I'm so excited for you and Tim, Sarah! We all had so much fun celebrating with you yesterday and we can wait for more upcoming celebrations!

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