Sunday, September 23, 2012

Haircut #2

Ugh...what a long week. Chloe and I have both been sick and Chloe has needed my constant attention...poor baby... I hate that I got her sick. To make it more difficult, Max has been working 12 hour days (while working 2 hours away) so he has pretty much had to come home and go right to bed. Alas, it is Sunday and a new week begins!

I got a trim last Monday, but it turned into a much shorter haircut than I wanted...more of a stack haircut. I didn't have my regular hairdresser so I should have waited...oh well. Its not bad, just not what I was going for:

I have gotten quite drastic this year with my hair! Here is a before and after haircut timeline from the past year:

I'm glad I've become more adventurous with my hair! Long hair is pretty but I don't miss it.

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