Friday, August 24, 2012

I ♥ Craigslist

I have been steadily working on our office/lounge room this week and let me just say that Craigslist is THE bomb. I LOVE Craigslist and have been finding SO many great deals. We just picked up 2 of the bookcases pictured below that will fill up almost one full wall in the the room (the two bookcases together will be 8 feet wide). I got them both for $225, when they normally would have been $600:

 I also got this Ikea LACK coffee table for $10:


The room is going to be painted either "Templeton Gray" or "Wedgewood Gray" by Benjamin Moore. What one do you like better??



I have 8 days to finish this room before Chloe's birthday party....ahhh!


  1. I think the white will pop more with the Templeton, but I think the room will be brighter with the Wedgewood :) Both are gorgeous :)

    1. Thanks! I ended up grabbing a gallon of the wedgewood last night...let the painting begin!


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