Thursday, August 9, 2012

Baby Goes to Bed....Dodge Powerwagon Bed

A couple days ago, I asked Max to keep an eye on Chloe while I got some things done around the house. He willingly brought her outside to play for a while. Some time had passed and I glanced out the window to see Max underneath his old Dodge Powerwagon, fooling around with the gas lines. Before I had a second to worry where Chloe was, my eyes wandered up to the bed of his truck, and lo and behold, I see my baby girl's head poking out the back! What in the world...

I ran outside (grabbing my camera of course...) and took some cute photos of her. The bed of the truck was like one big play yard to her!

The fun photo shoot ended with her sticking her hand in a glob of grease....yay. Here is a photo capturing the glorious moment:

I would have had a photo of the grease, but I rushed her in the house to give her a bath...

Silly Dada.... =)


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