Friday, August 24, 2012

I ♥ Craigslist

I have been steadily working on our office/lounge room this week and let me just say that Craigslist is THE bomb. I LOVE Craigslist and have been finding SO many great deals. We just picked up 2 of the bookcases pictured below that will fill up almost one full wall in the the room (the two bookcases together will be 8 feet wide). I got them both for $225, when they normally would have been $600:

 I also got this Ikea LACK coffee table for $10:


The room is going to be painted either "Templeton Gray" or "Wedgewood Gray" by Benjamin Moore. What one do you like better??



I have 8 days to finish this room before Chloe's birthday party....ahhh!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Time flies when your going CRAZY!

WOW. It has been the craziest, busiest time of my life! --Except for maybe last August when I was 8 months pregnant, working full-time, buying and renovating the house, and moving all at once-- August must just be the typical month of "busy" for me! Here is a photo of me from August 2011 (Yes, I was the largest pregnant woman in the history of mankind. And NO, I was not carrying multiples...that was just my 9 lb 2 oz baby Chloe in there):

Our house one month before Chloe arrives:

So here crazy August is again. Max is doing a 5 hour hike with some friends today, and I really wish I could have gone with them....but there is way too much to catch up on.

I have been to at least 3 family parties this month, and there are even more parties scheduled on my calender that are coming up. Aside from just attending different parties, I am currently planning 2 huge parties of my own that will be here before I know it! Max has been home as well and I've been trying to spend time with him before he gets busy with work again. Also, I am helping my two lovely friends plan their gorgeous weddings that are both before the end of this year. I'm also trying to stay on my strict Insanity/Gym exercise routine everyday...and I desperately want to stay caught up with my blog...and then there is a cute baby girl I chase around every 5 minutes...

*Breather break*


I have exactly 11 days to finish planning Chloe's elaborate first birthday party. Little by little I have been plugging away at all the little details, and I have been making MASSIVE lists so that I don't forget anything. Last night I ordered an 11x14 canvas of her to have at the party. This is the picture I chose--which I love! She is TOO cute!

Chloe's birthday party is going to be the biggest party we have held at our in order to give people more space in our little cape (especially if it rains), I have been trying to completely organize and furnish our spare bedroom downstairs. We are turning it into an office/lounge room. Here is the current state of the room:

I have been searching Craigslist for furniture. We found a desk which Max picked up on Sunday! I am in the process of sanding it down and painting it white.

Top Hutch:


Hopefully, I will finish this desk today.

Now, I am just looking for some nice couches and a patio set for our deck.

Alright... I'm off to get some of this stuff done!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Month 2: Health and Fitness Recap

It has been over two months since I've started my healthy lifestyle journey, and I feel great! I have never come so far with eating right and exercising, and I must say that I am in the best shape now than I ever have been in my whole life.

Month 2... Total weight loss: 19.8 lb.s

I have weighed 148.0 lbs for the past couple weeks, but from all the intense exercising I have been doing, I know I have been continuing to lose inches. My body is toning up and my clothes are getting loose. I tried on my size 8 bridesmaid dress and it is too big! I am now a dress size 6! I guess I will have to get the dress altered... Even my size 8 pants are getting a little baggy. I never thought I could accomplish getting my body in shape like this, and it is so good to know from experience that getting in shape IS attainable!

I am still following the Insanity program, but as of last week I also joined Planet Fitness and got the Black Card membership (enabling me to go to all Planet Fitness locations, bring a friend, etc.). Since then, I have gone a few times with my sister-in-law, Renee, and mother-in-law, Wendy. It has been a little tiring on the days I do both insanity and the gym, but I have been having a blast with Renee and Wendy! Exercising by yourself can be lonely (and boring) so it has been great being able to exercise with family.

As far as Insanity goes, I am REALLY getting sick of it...but I only have 11 more days to go! Today I completed Day 51. There is NO way I'm giving up this close to the end.

Yesterday was the fit test. Here are my results:

Once again, I improved in all the exercises (except globe jumps which stayed the same), so that was a relief!

After doing much research the past couple weeks, I have decided to make some changes to my nutrition plan. I plan on sharing these changes with you very soon! Stay tuned.... 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Date Night & 10 lbs of Chocolate

After many weeks of no dates, Max and I finally went out together last night while my parents watched Chloe. We had the opportunity to drive together in our old, two-seater Honda CRX (which we sold to my youngest brother), and I was filled with nostalgia from our dating years! Four and a half years ago, Max proposed to me in this little red car:

The two of us went out of town to a nice Italian restaurant and then walked around a nearby mall. Our dinners were amazing! I got the Grilled Salmon entree, and Max got Shrimp Fettuccine Alfredo.

We hit the mall just at the right time, there were deals everywhere. I got Chloe 15 pieces of clothing for only $1.99 a piece at the Children's Place! Max patiently waited while I went through EVERY baby girl item on the rack at least twice (He's such a good husband!).

And then there was the Lindt Chocolate store...

They were having a sale where if you buy 2 pounds of broken milk chocolate pieces for $16, then you get 3 POUNDS FREE. That averages out to about $3 a pound, which is the same price as a bag of chocolate chips in the store! Except this stuff was LINDT. Soooo... I may or may not have gotten TEN POUNDS of chocolate...

 I do have many plans for this chocolate which I will share with you in the future! Right now the chocolate is being stored in my refrigerator...and I'm trying to forget about it... Indulging in 10 pounds of chocolate would be a really bad idea.

So yes, our date was a wonderful success, and we loved every minute of being together alone and having fun!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Stuffed Peppers

Yesterday I looked in my fridge and scoured through the few remains of food I had left from not food shopping in 2 weeks. Peppers...1/2 an onion...some red kidney beans...defrosted ground turkey. I knew stuffed peppers was the meal we were destined to have.

(8 servings, 300 calories per serving)

♦ 4 Peppers (I chose red and green peppers)
♦ 1 Tablespoon of Butter
♦ 1 lb. Ground Turkey
♦ 1/2 Large Sweet Onion
♦ Garlic powder
♦ Salt
♦ Oregano♦ 1 can (14.5 oz) of Hunts Diced Tomatoes (I used Basil, Garlic & Oregano Flavor)
♦ 3/4 cup of canned Dark Red Kidney Beans
♦ 2 cups of cooked Brown Rice
♦ 2 cups of Shredded Cheese (preferably cheddar, I didn't have any at the time and had to use string cheese)

Cook brown rice as directed on package (although I use a little more water than it says, and I also cook it for 1 hour instead of 45 minutes because I hate the chance of crunchy rice). When rice is done set aside.

In the meantime, boil a large pot of water. Cut peppers in half (the long way), cutting off the stems and scooping out the insides, and boil the peppers for about 7 minutes, or until slightly soft (you don't want them to get mushy). If you like crispy peppers you can skip boiling them.

Place peppers in a greased glass dish (or two) so they are ready to stuff. Set them aside.

Chop up 1/2 a large sweet onion very finely. Melt butter in a large frying pan on medium heat, then add the ground turkey and the chopped onion. Add garlic powder, salt and oregano to taste. Fry until ground turkey is cooked through. Add the can of diced tomatoes and cook until mixture is simmering. Stir in cooked rice and red kidney beans until well blended. Add more salt/spices if needed. Remove from heat.

After frying pan has been removed from heat, mix in 1 cup of the shredded cheese until well-blended. Now you can scoop the mixture evenly into the peppers. Add remaining 1 cup of cheese on top.

Bake in preheated oven at 400 degrees for about 18 minutes or until cheese is fully melted on top. Let cool for a few minutes and serve!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Baby Goes to Bed....Dodge Powerwagon Bed

A couple days ago, I asked Max to keep an eye on Chloe while I got some things done around the house. He willingly brought her outside to play for a while. Some time had passed and I glanced out the window to see Max underneath his old Dodge Powerwagon, fooling around with the gas lines. Before I had a second to worry where Chloe was, my eyes wandered up to the bed of his truck, and lo and behold, I see my baby girl's head poking out the back! What in the world...

I ran outside (grabbing my camera of course...) and took some cute photos of her. The bed of the truck was like one big play yard to her!

The fun photo shoot ended with her sticking her hand in a glob of grease....yay. Here is a photo capturing the glorious moment:

I would have had a photo of the grease, but I rushed her in the house to give her a bath...

Silly Dada.... =)

Friday, August 3, 2012

1500 Calories Visualized

I decided to take pictures of my 5 meals yesterday so you can get a visual of what 1500 calories looks like in a given day. Each of these meals averages out to 300 Calories. Notice how I really try to balance protein, carbs, veggies and fat within each meal.

7:00- Breakfast: 2 Scrambled eggs (with 1/4 Feta and 1/2 Tomato) and 1 slice of Whole Wheat Toast.

10:00- 2nd Meal: 5 Honey Wheat Pretzel Sticks, 1/2 cup of No-fat Cottage Cheese and 20 Cherries.

1:00- Lunch: Hummus Turkey Wrap (Recipe HERE) and 10 Grapes.

4:00-3rd Meal: Ground Turkey Burger (Recipe HERE) and 1/2 cucumber.

7:00- Supper: Small Plain Beef Patty with Mustard, Sweet Potato, Veggies, and a slice of Watermelon.

I was at my baby brother's 16th birthday party so I had to select the most healthy items I could find for supper! But I found my range of foods to create a balanced meal.

This morning, I was a little discouraged because even though this week I started the more intense workouts of insanity, and I feel like I'm continuing to lose weight, the scale said I gained 2 pounds. I'm up at 149 again. Days like this I need to remind myself that the SCALE has nothing to do with getting in shape. I know that the intense workouts are working my muscles harder which will cause them to retain more water. I just have to ignore the scale and keep pushing on!

During the beginning of insanity today I felt incredibly weak and fatigued. I actually stopped during the workout to eat some bran flakes with raisins. I needed that. Remember, FOOD is FUEL and when you are intensly exercising you need to fuel your body. After eating, I felt so much better and was able to complete the workout.

I still haven't bought protein powder but it is still on my list of things to do!

Ok... Baby is awake! No more posts for day =)

Turkey Hummus Wrap

I eat these wraps all the time because they are SOOO good and filling. You can use a variety of different types of wraps, veggies, and hummus.

250 Calories per entire wrap (depending on brands and amounts you use)

♦ One Josephs Flatbread (I used Garlic and Herb)
♦ 4 Tablespoons of Hummus (I used Garlic Lover's)
♦ As much packaged coleslaw as you want
♦ 6 slices of Deli Turkey
♦ Tomato or other veggies that you love

First spread out the hummus on the wrap. Sprinkle on Cole Slaw and then add Turkey.

 Place tomatoes and other veggies you may enjoy on top of turkey. Roll it up, cut it in half, and enjoy!