Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Month 1: Health and Fitness Recap

Time is running away from me with Max being home along with all the daily happenings. It has been amazing spending so much time with Max though. I missed him so much while he was gone!

Max has babysat Chloe two complete afternoons for me this week! I greatly appreciated his help. I've had to run MANY errands lately due to a certain party I am planning for a special someone... I can't blog about it now, but I am so excited to share all the details with pictures soon!

Today is July 11th. Today marks one complete month since I have begun my health and fitness plan, and I feel GREAT! My starting weight on June 11th was 167.8, and I now weigh 154.6! I'm finally back in my normal weight range for my height (I'm nearly 5'8"), but there is a big range for my height, and I'm looking to go towards the lower end of the 140... I don't know yet. I'm looking more at my body than what the scale says.

Month One... Total Weight-loss: 13.2 lbs

To see results like this is so rewarding! Developing a healthy lifestyle is such a hard adjustment, especially the first month. Now, I am past the one month mark and this lifestyle is finally becoming a habit for me!  How I feel and the results I am seeing are pushing me right along to stick with my established health and fitness plan.

I am in the process of creating a "My Health Plan" page. It will explain all the details of my health and fitness plan. Hopefully the page will be done within a week or so!

Today marks my 17th day of the Insanity workout. I know for certain that Insanity is an outstanding factor in the results I've seen in my body. I have also really developed endurance and strength throughout the  program since day one. Here are my fit test results from Day 1 and  Day 15 of insanity. You can see how I've improved:

Well, my baby girl is awake now, and so is my adorable husband. So I'm going to go eat breakfast with them. Then I'm going to do insanity!

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