Monday, July 2, 2012

Kevy's 19th Birthday Party

We celebrated Kevin's birthday on Sunday. Even though Kevin was the star of the party, I once again managed to take more photos of Chloe than anyone else, but who can ignore her cuteness??

As always, it was rejuvenating and relaxing to be with family. My Dad made some good food.

Kevin showed me his new decked out 1994 Honda Accord. He just added subs, which shake your body from the inside out.

There was a "playtime" during the party where every male in the house (ages 8-51) started playing with legos. Every one of them was deeply focused on their creations. It was cute ♥... but not as cute as Chloe playing with her book of course =P

For Kevin's birthday dessert, I made Sensational Strawberry Cream Dessert. It was a hit, and everyone stuffed themselves on its creamy delisiousness. I will post the recipe soon.

Hope you had a great Birthday party, Kevin!

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