Monday, July 2, 2012

Fun at the Lake

Last Saturday was so warm out, I decided to head to the lake with Chloe, Nana, Grammy and the little uncles. It was gorgeous!

My baby has an EXTREME fascination with sand. She wants to sit in it, throw it, clap it, and eat it. We all had fun watching her, and tried our best to keep the sand out of her mouth!

 Chloe is also fascinated with water...just like her momma!

Chloe's uncles had fun playing in the water together, too... might I add how ripped my baby brother, Austin is?

After swimming, we brought Chloe on the swings, she was more interested in the chain though, and getting thrown in the air...

 And... because I'm a photo fanatic, I will add one more photo from the end of the day.

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