Monday, June 25, 2012

Midnight Madness

Just one of the many reasons why mothers are so tired during the day is because sometimes they secretly get up in the middle of the night to get stuff done. Why not? Sleep is like a nighttime nanny, taking care of your child (and husband...haha) all night long. Sometimes moms just need to take advantage of that!

Its 2am, and I just cleaned the whole house (even risked vacuuming, but Chloe slept through it). Having a clean, organized house gives me a deep sense of relief and contentment. I may be slightly OCD. If the house is a mess, or if anything is even slightly out of place, my insides begin to churn and my brain becomes steamed up with how I need to do something about it. I'm working on trying to be a little more laid back in this area! I'm going to have to be if I want more than one child... which I most definitely do ♥

Anyway, the house is clean and I should go back to bed now, but blogging was calling my name!

This weekend went by so fast. Currently, Max has been working like crazy during the week, so I've mostly only been able to see him on weekends. I miss him so so much. I take advantage of every minute I can spend with him though and so weekends have been my "Max" time. However, this weekend I also went to my wonderful friend Anna's college graduation party!

 Here I am with Anna at the party! We are childhood friends and grew up on the same road together. Now I can't believe that I am married with a baby and she has graduated with her bachelors degree! Time FLIES by, and I'm trying to soak in every moment of every day.

So there was this cutest little three-year-old girl at the party named Ashley... I pretty much stalked her at the party and took more pictures of her than anyone else! Look how photogenic she is. I just can't get over her cuteness...

Ok... And just so Chloe doesn't get jealous, I'll post a picture of her cuteness, too. She pretty much just hung out with my mom the whole time and ate a ton of fruit. She is always a content baby with food in her mouth (definitely my genes...poor girl).

 A final note about the party, because I'm a food fanatic. I just want to comment on the chocolate fountain.

If you are having issues with getting your melted chocolate to be thin enough, and you want smooth, flowing chocolate, then never add dairy products to the melted chocolate. It seems like a logical solution because of "milk" chocolate. However, despite how logical it seems, dairy products will clump up the chocolate. That means no butter, milk, cream, half & half, etc. Simply add some shortening or vegetable oil and it will thin the chocolate right up! I learned this the hard way once and wasted a ton of chocolate chips, and if you bake, you'll know that chocolate chips seem to be rising in price by the minute!

That's my tip for the night =)... or morning should I say... yikes... its 3:30 now. I should get some shut-eye before Chloe wakes up. But Hey! Look what I have accomplished during the night. A clean house AND a post on my blog.

Good Night, World.

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