Monday, June 25, 2012


My heart raced as I walked over to the mailbox today. I slowly pulled open the mailbox door. Amongst the junk mail and bills, there lay the package. "Oh No," I thought to myself, "it's arrived." I ran inside and ripped open the package. "Oh No, " I repeated (this time out loud to Chloe), "its arrived." Chloe looked at me and laughed. I held in my hands....INSANITY.

If you don't know what insanity is, it is an intense 60-day workout program that supposedly transforms your body if you stick with it and give it your all. I'm already fearful of failure, but I'm determined to stick it out for the 60 days! Hopefully I won't kill myself in the process...

It comes with a nutrition guide, which I'm going to take a look at and use as a guideline. For the past two weeks, I've already been following a 1500-calorie-a-day diet of wholesome foods (which is the calculated amount I need). I'll figure out if I need to adjust that number as I read a little bit more. But just for the record, I've lost 8 pounds in just the past two weeks of changing my diet... so that's good! We'll see where insanity takes me from here. This mama is determined to get her body back in shape for dada ;).

Here's a video that gives more information about the program:


 It is almost 9pm but I'm going to start the first Insanity workout. Pray for me...haha!

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